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I don't know if I'm going to spend much time really digging into why I was troubled by District 9, but I think a good part of it was just blind hope that this movie would be different, wouldn't make the same stupid mistakes that every other Hollywood movie does.

I was wrong. Yes, the aliens were a metaphor for apartheid, yes the movie tries to say "oooh it's bad to treat thinking beings badly!"

Couple quick things, possibly spoilers be warned.

1) Set in south Africa and the best roles you can come up for black people were "Ineffectual second in command", "Bodyguard", and "sociopathic crime lord"? THIS is what you view as combating stereotypes and fighting racism?

2) Speaking of the crime lord, in the documentary buildup you made note of the common way of othering people by portraying them as violent criminals. Then you go out of your way to portray black people as violent criminals who follow violent and "bad" beliefs.

3) What little character development there was in the film was focused on the white guy. We never even find out if he regrets his actions like slaughtering innocent babies, and spearheading the mass eviction of an entire population. He seems sorry about the medical experiments, but shows no empathy.

4) Even the stand in for black people are portrayed as violent, stupid, and animalistic. Yes I know it's a movie where pretty much everyone sucks and does bad things. That's fine. Really though, if you're trying to say racism sucks, why are you reinforcing racist stereotypes?

This doesn't even get into the gaping plot holes and disbelief shattering facets. Don't get me wrong, the special effects are awesome, and I forgot halfway through that the aliens were completely cgi. I don't generally do that.

I think that D-9 is just another decent sci-fi flick that shares many of the deep flaws that have been discussed at length in the racefail and other blowups. I was hoping that it might be slightly better. Silly me.


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