Jan. 19th, 2009 01:43 pm
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You know, I love having a job where security issues I bring up aren't swept under the rug or met with threats of disciplinary action.

Just saying.
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I've been strugling for recognition at work for almost 4 years now, and I think I'm finally starting to get it. I've always been a hard worker, though not neccisarily the fastest one around, and that counts for something, but what I've always really wanted is recognition for what my true skill set is.

I'm not a maintenece geek. I hate basic admin tasks because they are mondane, boring and get old really quick. Both my current job doing phone support and my previous job as a field tech definately fall into these categories. I can do this type of work, but it's not ideal and I get restless fairly quick.

I'm not really a programmer, though that skill is definatly coming around (yay!). I've always had this problem in my projects that I have this great idea, start it, get into it a little bit, and just... loose interest because it's not actually serving a purpose other than my own ammusement or personal use. I THRIVE on serving a purpose, and hate having goals put in front of me.

What I really am is an inventor geek. I'm a JOAT (Jill of all trades) that can acctually apply what she's learned in new and interesting ways to create interesting results. McGuivering things that people use every day and don't fully appreciate makes me happy. I love creating things, be it the lightweight portal I wrote, or the testing system I just got the go ahead to develop.

I just hope my skills become fully recognized sometime soon so I can actually work on these things every day. Right now progress on both fronts is exteremly slow because I get to work on it about once a week for three hours, and by the time I get settled back into the process of actually working on things, it's time to go. It's to the point that I don't even want to work on some of the issues because they WILL take more then three hours to get anything really done to them.

Anyway, had an awesome meeting with a couple bigwigs today, and they approved my idea for a testing system. Go me!
**does the happy dance**

This has the added benifit of helping me become more valuible to Large Cable Company X (to steal a phrase from which is good for pretty obvious transition reasons. And oh boy do they need the skills of someone like me... there are so many messed up systems and just wacked out non-functional things that go on in this office... the stories I could tell. And it's not like people arn't trying to doing their jobs, it's just that the different departments have both inter and intra departmental coordination issues. Most of the time it's just the standard left hand/right hand thing, but occasionally it gets to the point where a better metaphore is that the hands are waving wildly in the air, bouncing randomly off of each other and careening into fragile objects that happen to be sitting around.

On a transtion related note... I've noticed that if I forget to take a dose of my 'mones, those are the days where my breasts really ache. So in case the mood swings 12 hours after the last dose isn't a clue enough, my body is giving me other signals to quit doing
weird things to it and stick to a sane schedule.

I wish Lissa were here, but she's out of town for training.


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