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Besides a couple stupid parts, this trip was awesome, and we will definitely be going out again.

More later when I'm not exhausted and about to faceplant on my keyboard, but here's something we got to watch.

We were so lucky to get to watch this, and be able to take pictures. I was so excited the whole time.
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I love Tennessee's weather sometimes. You can feel the land talking to you, reaching out..

Not so good news on Lissa's job front though, but not horrible.
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The thing I like the most about photography is it's ability to isolate what is special in the everyday, and make you look twice at something that would normally pass by without comment. I think that to get through our day and get things done, we tend to overlook the beautiful and noteworthy around us. By stopping and taking time, we acknowledge the humanity in others, and how the small details of life are important.

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Ok, so I had a really good day with photography today. I was sorta doubtful that I'd be able to get anything done in the hour left of daylight I had, and then stumbled on this absolutely intriguing spot. Abandoned industrial building right next to a bridge, under which someone obviously had made a campsite. A bed covered by a tarp, a makeshift grill from a metal drum, and political graffiti all over the place. I've only had a chance to get a few of these ready and up on the net, but they are good enough I want to actually show them here.

Photos behind the cut )

We had a really productive weekend this week... Finally got off my butt and installed the faucet that friends gave us forever ago (and oh wow it rocks dem. <3 and thank you so much), installed a new garbage disposal when we had been without one and the right hand sink in the kitchen for 6 months, fixed a gutter, put up some lights, cleaned up the house, and did all kinds of other stuff. All around good weekend.


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