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RNC protest videos and links, I'm going to update this as I go along, but I had to at least post a few of these now.

Last update: 2:17 am 8/7

Story and text links
RATM story

Taking steps post about the targeting of street medics

Coldsnap legal collective (awesome people) They have a twitter as well

Twin cities indymedia

Brown femipower on Why That Police Brutality Stuff Matters and some video from the opening days of the convention.

Taking Steps on police brutality inside the jails. (!!!! MUST READ, this is Elliot Huges, who was arrested in the video below the staged un-arrest !!!!)

Agent Saboteurs:

The supposed black block never gets sprayed, in fact the cop never really aims at them just at the other protestors. After he gets tackled, he makes a quick move to look like he's going for a re-arrest, and then walks off. Not surprising. What is very interesting to me is the very tentative way in which the arrest happened, and the fact that the bike cop didn't move to assist a fellow officer under attack.

For perspective, here is a good example of how the police REALLY arrest an individual person.

Teargas and flashbangs used against a peaceful protest:

No explanation needed for this one.

Smokebombs, teargas, and rubber bullets:

Close range direct fire of rubber bullets into someone walking away. Note that the manufacturers of rubber bullets and say that they are not intended to be fired directly at someone, but rather banked off of the ground to lessen the speed. Rubber bullets hitting a human directly can still cause major lacerations, broken bones, and can kill. They are no joke. Also note that the cops are being very indiscriminate about their gas.. attacking street medics? Come on.

More later.


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