Feb. 8th, 2009

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So, Had the easiest "help friend move" experience ever, cuz [livejournal.com profile] wolfgrrl was awesome, doesn't have much stuff and was all packed already. We then came home, cleaned up the bedroom massively, got several loads of laundry done and folded, and received our new bed (which is awesomeness). At this point, tired from a long day and seduced by our comfortable new bed, we laid down and went to slee.. WAIT! No! We can't go to sleep!

We get up, get dressed, and go to rock the fuck out to the Aeronauts at Springwater (swampwater.. blah. not my favourite venue). They rocked the socks off of my feet, then kindly put them back on and tied my shoes while they were at it. Which is good because after they finished their set, the epic fail of not-burlesque drove us screaming from the bar.

Arriving home at 2:30am, we collapsed into tender mercies of our new soft, comfortable, solid mattress. Which, unlike our previous one does not have a sink-hole in the centre of it. We didn't wake up until 11:30 or so. It was good, oh so good.

When we did wake, however, we folded another more clothes, did a load of dishes, and Lissa did a bunch of work for a client. After she finished up, we headed over to the clamshack and just relaxed the rest of the day with the awesomeness that is the group over there.

All in all.. good weekend ;)


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