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The term "race baiter" as a way to describe someone who is calling out something offensive bugs me. Its use implies that someone who speaks up is using the color of their skin or their ethnicity as bait to lure in the poor unsuspecting white person so they can pounce. As if there is some prize for speaking up. You know, catch your 100th white person and you level up your angry stats! I hear if you get to level 20 you get the gauntlets of Whitey squashing!

No. 90% of the time you are ignored, or called oversensitive, yelled at, or mobbed. I've experienced it when talking about GLBT issues, and most significantly trans issues. I've been a secondary target in multiple places when talking about racism, and it's only worse when your actually in the under-privileged group in question.

Am I queer baiting if I call out someone for using homophobic language, objecting to the use of the word fag or gay in a pejorative manner?
How about class baiting?

Then why race baiting?

The idea that people are spending there entire lives just looking for the next bit of racism they can pounce on, is absurd. I don't live my life looking for homophobia or transphobia. I don't have too. It makes itself VERY evident. Racism is the same way. If you don't call it out, you sit and suffer in silence behind a mask. If you just can't take it any more you are labeled a trouble maker with a big mouth. What a prize. Yay.
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